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wheel alignment

Misaligned wheels can be a significant risk when driving on a busy road. When your car's wheels are out of alignment, your vehicle will continuously pull to one side even if you are driving straight. Some other tell-tale signs of wheel misalignment are –

  • Steering wheel stays offset from a central position.
  • Excess steering wheel vibration.
  • Tyres erode rapidly and unevenly.

Upon noticing any of the above signs,visit Sam’s Tyres and let us perform a wheel alignment in Bristol.

Your car’s wheels have three parameters where it needs alignment fixes. These parameters are –

  • Camber– This is the angle by which a wheel tilts in or tilts out with respect to a car’s longitudinal axis when viewing from the front of the vehicle.
  • Toe– A toe is an angle by which the wheels turn inward or outwards when viewed from above. Excess toe-in or toe-out is the most common alignment issues and causes significant tyre wear.
  • Caster– Caster is the angle of a car's steering axis when viewed from the side of the vehicle. A positive caster makes the steering axis tilt towards the driver. Likewise, a negative caster makes the steering axis tilt away from the driver.

When any of these are misaligned, you will see a severe drop in your car's performance. Uneven tread wear will also be an issue with misaligned wheels.

Wheel alignmentin Bristol is best availed from a professional auto garage as it requires the use of advanced machinery. Additionally, there are multiple types of alignments available. Only a professional technician can best judge which one your car will need. So, visit Sam’s Tyres in Bristolwhen looking for wheel alignment service.

Different types of wheel alignment

  1. Front-end alignment

This is the most basic kind of wheel alignment. When performing a front-end alignment, a technician will make adjustments in the front axle only.

  1. Thrust alignment

In a thrust alignment, the front wheels are aligned to a car’s rear axle.

  1. 4-wheel alignment

A 4-wheel alignment is the most comprehensive aligning service you can avail. In this kind of alignment, a technician will adjust all 4 wheels and make them parallel to each other and the ground.

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At Sam’s Tyres, we will conduct all the procedures necessary to make sure you get the best wheel alignment service. Our 4 Wheel alignment garage in Bristol has the cutting-edge alignment machine and a team of expert technicians operating them.

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