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wheel balancing

Wheel balancing is an essential maintenance along with other services like tyre rotation and wheel alignment. Also known as tyre balancing, wheel balancing makes sure that the total mass of a tyre is distributed evenly around the circumference of the wheel.

Here at Sam’s Tyres, we carry out wheel balancing in Bristol with utmost precision.

Importance of wheel balancing

Presence of heavy mass spots on the tyre body will generate excess forces which will result in unsettling vibrations. This, in turn, puts a lot of stress on the suspension system making its components wear faster. You will also feel the vibration through the steering wheel and floorboard.

These significantly affect your vehicles performance and handling characteristics. Proper wheel balancing is important for ensuring you get good fuel-efficiency, better handling, and safety during your daily commute.

What happens when wheels are off balance?

  • Depending on the nature of the mass distribution, your car’s wheels may wobble when spinning or shimmy from side to side. These vibrations are more likely to arise at speeds above 40 mph.
  • Excess tread wear is another symptom of wheel imbalance. It is a vicious cycle, as uneven tread can further increase the imbalance. To prevent excessive wearing of tyres, head over to our garage for wheel balancing in Bristol.
  • A decrease in fuel economy occurs as a result of increased rolling resistance, a common issue with Imbalanced tyres.

Therefore, keeping your car’s wheels balanced is essential for optimal performance. We recommend checking the balance every time you go for a tyre rotation. Our experts additionally suggest a wheel balancing check after every 8,000 miles.

At Sam’s Tyres in Bristol, our technicians will generally follow the subsequent procedure.

  • The technician will mount your tyres on a balancing machine.
  • The balancing machine will spin the wheel on its axis and will measure any excess vibrations. This data will inform the technician about any uneven weight on the tyre body, and where to add any counter-weight if required.
  • On some wheels, additional weights can be undesirable due to aesthetic issues. In such cases, a technician will carefully add stick-on weights using laser guidance on the inner surface of the tyre.

How do we help?

Visit us when looking for a wheel balancing garage in Bristol. At our garage, we have expert technicians who will ensure you get the best-in-class service. Additionally, at Sam’s Tyres, we use weights of alloys like lead-zinc and lead-copper, as they are more environment-friendly in comparison to pure lead weights.

Visit us today for wheel balancing and other car services.

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