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The 2nd largest tyre manufacturer in the world, Michelin started its operation in 1889. Their innovative removable pneumatic tyre manufactured in 1891 helped French cyclist Charles Terront to win the Paris–Brest–Paris long-distance cycling competition that same year.

Michelin did not stop with their innovations and introduced the world’s first run-flat tyre in 1934. The company has been a constant participant in the MotoGP and Formula One racing since the 1970s. Their introduction of radial tyres has helped various racers reach the number one spot.

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Some of the types of Michelin tyres that you can get from us include:

Summer tyres

Michelin’s summer tyres are built for both dry and wet conditions and can fit passenger cars and SUVs. Few features of these tyres include:

  1. Bi-Compound Technology

Functional elastomers within the new compoundmix on the inner side deliver exceptional wet grip and braking. A novel hybrid elastomer on the outer side accounts for dry grip.

  1. Dynamic response technology

A hybrid line of nylon and aramid makes sure that you receive an optimum response from the road.

  1. New pattern design

The new pattern design in Michelin summer tyres come with 22% more space for eliminating water and reducing aquaplaning.

  1. Treadwear indicator

An innovative treadwear indicator in these summer tyres makes it easier for the driver to check for wear and opt for changes when it’s time.

Winter tyres

Winter Michelin car tyres in Bristol can deliver you the right control and handling whether the road is snowy or icy.Some of the features that help to deliver the above include:

  1. Innovative tread compound

The innovative tread compound with functional polymer provides more grip on snowy and wet as well as dry roads.

  1. Helio Compound 3G

The Helio Compound 3G present in these tyres account for more grip on winter road conditions.

  1. StabiliGrip

Three dimensional sipes provide more driving precision and grip on snowy roads.

All-season tyres

All season tyres from Michelin combine both features of winter and summer tyres. These tyres come with features like:

  1. 3D sipes

The self-locking and long-lasting feature of 3D sipes delivers more traction on both snowy and dry tarmac.

  1. V-shaped tread pattern

The V-shaped tread pattern of these tyres gives you more control on winter roads.

  1. Innovative compound

Get more control irrespective of the weather thanks to the innovative compound of these tyres.

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