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Tyre Manufacturers - Hankook Tyres

Hankook was initially established as the Chosun Tire Company in 1941. Back then, it was the first tyre manufacturing company Korea. Later, in 1953 this company changed names to become the Hankook Corporation.

In 1962, Hankook Corp. started exporting its tyres worldwide, first landing in Pakistan. Later, in 1975Hankook took an order from the Iran Ministry of Roads and Transportation. In 1976, Hankook opened their first Middle East branch office in Kuwait.

Exports to the US and Europe began in the 1980s. 1991 saw Hankook becoming an OE supplier to Volkswagen. Throughout the 90s,this company established technical centres in the US, Germany, and China. In 2008 and 2012, Hankook further became an OE supplier of Audi and BMW respectively.

Currently, Hankook is the 7th largest tyre manufacturer globally.

We at Sam’s Tyresacknowledge the integrity and excellence of this company and present our customers with an array of Hankook tyres in Bristol.

In our garage, you can find the following Hankook tyres:

  1. Kinergy Eco 2

The Kinergy Eco 2 is a summer tyre for passenger cars that increase your car’s fuel economy while also reducing noise.

Features of this tyre include:

  • High silica compound that lowers rolling resistance and improves handling in wet and dry roads.
  • Wide lateral groovesthat reduce aquaplaning.
  • 3 wide and straight channel grooves that deliver exceptional performance in difficult wet conditions.

Other than the above, this tyre also comes with an equilibrium polyester carcass line that gives more durability and strength to its sidewalls.

  1. Ventus S1 evo2

The Ventus S1 evo2 is another one of the summer Hankook car tyres in Bristol for SUVs.

Its features include:

  • Atriple driveline which ensures you consistent performance even with substantial tyre wear.
  • Analignment indicator which enables you to check the wheel alignment manually.
  • An intercooler that controls excessive heat generation.

The wide steel belt layer of this tyre accounts for better handling irrespective of wet and dry roads.

  1. Winter i'cept evo

The Winter i'cept evo is a winter tyre designed for passenger cars.

Features of this tyre include:

  • Three longitudinal grooves that deliver more control over snow and ice.
  • Auxiliary internal sipes that improve performance in winter roads.
  • Polar bear claw grooves which provideyou with more traction in snowy roads.

Itsinside-to-outside groove design ensures you get an optimal driving experience.

Why come to Sam’s Tyres in Bristol?

Sam’s Tyres is one of the largest sellers of Hankook tyres in Bristol. We will ensure your vehicle receives only the right tyres that give your comfort and control irrespective of the weather and tarmac conditions.