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US-based Firestone, currently a subsidiary of Japanese Bridgestone since 1988,was founded back in 1900. The company manufactured the first tyre with non-skid treads in 1908, which later became the standard for all tyres. Just 3 years later, Ray Harroun won the first Indianapolis 500driving a Marmon Wasp fitted with Firestone tyres.

Later in 1992, Firestone introduces the first-ever low-pressure balloon tyres which helpedPete DePaolo seize the number one spot in 1925 Indianapolis 500. Till 1966, all cars that came first in this race were fitted with Firestone tyres.

In 1974, the company madeanother new innovation by introducing steel radial tyres with run-flat features. Another two wins in the Indianapolis 500 in 1996 and 1997 brought the total trophy count for Firestone to 50.

Over these years, Firestone has produced some of the foremost tyres for not only races but also for the mass vehicle industry. You will find the most extensive range here with us at Sam’s Tyres. No matter passenger car or SUV, you can buy Firestone tyres in Bristol that can fit any vehicle.

Take a look at some of the models we store:

  1. Roadhawk

The Roadhawk is an award-winning summer tyre with “A” rated EU Tyre Label for wet grip. It comes with 20% better tread performance and can last 20,000 km more as compared to its competitors. The tyre also has a shorter braking distance against peers.

  1. Destination HP

The Destination HP is a summer tyre that comes with lower rolling resistance thereby improving your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. You also receive high control and handling in wet and dry conditions with these tyres.

  1. Destination Winter

Firestone’s Destination Winter is a winter tyres that can deliver exceptional wet braking owing to its NanoProtech compound. The tyre also performs superbly in snowy roads for delivering a quiet and comfortable ride.

  1. Winterhawk 3

The Winterhawk 3 accounts for a better grip on winter road conditions as compared to its predecessors. These Firestone car tyres in Bristol have improved wear resistance and also perform remarkably on wet surfaces.

It is also another award-winning tyre certified by organisations like TCS, ÖAMTC, ACE, and ADAC.

  1. Multiseason

Multiseason from Firestone is an all-season tyre that delivers year-round performance irrespective of the weather. The tyre comes with a “C” rating for wet grip and “C-E” rating for fuel efficiency as per the EU Tyre Label.

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