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Bridgestone, currently the number one tyre manufacturer in the world began their operations from Japan in 1931. Although this company made a massive name for themselves in Japan, their major expansion and breakthrough came in 1988. Bridgestone acquired the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company based in the US.

Bridgestone was the first company to introduce rayon cord tyres in 1951. Eight years later, they started manufacturing nylon tyres.

The company took part in massive overseas expansion since 1976. Initially Iran, Indonesia, and Taiwan, Bridgestone also manufactured tyres for the Australian market.

Bridgestone currently has 47 tyre manufacturing plants globally with 8 of them in Europe.

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Few of these include:

  1. Ecopia

The Ecopia series of summer tyreshave features like:

  • Silica compound –A silica compound present in these tyres deliver superb traction on wet roads.
  • Fuel-saver compound – The rolling resistance of these tyres are reduced thanks to a fuel-saver compound which decreases heat production.
  • Nanopro-tech compound –The nanopro-tech compound present in Ecopia tyres increases internal structural rigidity to reduce rolling resistance and mainatin fuel mileage over time.

Bridgestone introduced the Ecopia tyres back in 2009 with the primary goal to decrease rolling resistance by 20% till 2020.

  1. Potenza

The Potenza series of summer Bridgestone car tyres in Bristol for passenger and SUVs come with features like:

  • Continuous centre rib –Its continuous centre rib enhances steering response.
  • High angle lug groves –You get improved braking performance and reduced aquaplaning owing to high angle lug grooves.
  • Large outside shoulder blocks –Cornering is no longer an issue thanks to the large outside shoulder block of these tyres.
  • Wide circumferential grooves –Say goodbye to aquaplaning with the wide circumferential grooves of the Potenza tyres.

The Potenza series of tyres came to the market back in the 1980s. Cars fitted with Potenza tyres have won more than 50 races worldwide.

  1. Blizzak

Bridgestone caters to summer weather conditions with their Blizzak tyres.

Few features of these tyres include:

  • High-volume slanted grooves –You receive more control in snowy roads thanks to high volume slanted grooves.
  • Unidirectional tread –No matter the road condition, you receive superior handling owing to unidirectional tread with an advanced
  • NanoPro-Tech polymers –NanoPro-Tech polymer of these tyres make driving on winter roads more comfortable.

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