Tyre Thread Depth

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When choosing between different tyres, the most distinct feature which requires utmost attention and inspection is the tyre tread. The treads are responsible for providing traction and handling as per the road conditions and its characteristics. Tread ribs, tread blocks, groove patterns and sipes are just some of the typical features that allow you to differentiate between tyres of different manufacturer, variants and models.

Your car’s tyre treads in Bristol vary in composition mostly according to the road and weather conditions it will ride on. At Sam’s Tyres, we have every single variety of tyres you can require for your vehicle.

Summer tyres

Summer tyres in Bristol are easily among the most popular ones around. These tyres have harder tread compounds and are meant to be used in dry and hot tarmac conditions. They also have shallower tread depth for improved steering response and performance.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres’ tread comprises compounds that keep them flexible below 7°C. Also, winter tyres have particular tread design with deeper tread grooves and have bigger tread blocks.

Off-road tyres

Off-road tyres are a must for any terrain other than commonplace tarmac such as mud and uphill trails. These tyres feature aggressive treads and patterns along with knob-like blocks which allow them to bite into the surface and generate some much-needed traction. They also have greater tread depth.

Visit Sam’s Tyres in Bristol to buy any of the above types of tyres. We always provide our customers with the best tips and suggestions to help them make the best of our tyres.

Importance of tread depth

Tread depth influences the braking distance of a tyre other than traction. Braking distance is the distance a car travels before stopping after applying brakes.

Tests by Uniroyal reveal the following data –

  • Tread depth – 8mm, braking distance – 42.3m.
  • Tread depth – 3mm, braking distance – 51.8m.
  • Tread depth – 1.6mm, braking distance – 60.9m.

It’s apparent that with decreasing tread depth, braking distance increases. Furthermore, the minimum legal tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm. But as experts recommend you should change your tyres before your car’s tyres in Bristol reaches a tread depth of 2mm. Additionally, for winter tyres you must maintain a minimum tread depth of 4mm.

Checking a tyre’s tread depth

  • All tyres consist of tread wear indicators that are built into the tyre body. When a tyre erodes to its minimum depth, these bars become
  • A tread depth gauge allows for more accurate depth measurement. These are available in many different forms including laminated cards with colour marks and digital depth gauges.

At Sam’s Tyres, we sell grade A-part worn tyres with tread depth ranging between 5 to 6mm along with a range of the best set of new tyres you can fit to your car. Visit us to buy the best tyres.