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The primary objective of your car’s suspension system is to provide a comfortable ride irrespective of the road conditions. Whether a speed bump or pothole, your vehicle makes your journey content thanks to the suspension. It consists of various parts like springs, struts, shocks, bearings, joints, etc.

Similarly, any damage to this system can make your ride not so enjoyable. Moreover, it will also lead to further damages to other car components.

Hence, you have to get your suspension checked at once. For that, Sam’s Tyres is at your service. Our suspension repair in Bristol can ensure you a smooth ride reminiscent of your car when it was new!

Easy suspension checks

1. Bounce test

To know if your suspension system is failing, you can do the “bounce test”. Put some pressure on the front of your car and release. If it bounces a few times, then some of your suspension components may be damaged.

2. Press down the trunk

You can press down on the trunk and release to see the effects. If you hear a squealing or creaking noise, then your suspension system has taken a toll.

Signs of a failing suspension

Nose-diving when braking

If your car nose dives when you brake, then your suspension system is at fault.

I. Leaning backwards when braking

Similar to the above, a damaged suspension system can also cause your vehicle to lean back when you brake.

II. Drifting to one side

Another sign of a faulty suspension system is your car drifting or pulling to one side. This can also be caused by misaligned wheels. Whatever the case, you need to bring your vehicle to Sam’s Tyres in Bristol, let our technicians inspect it and do the needful.

III. Low steering response

Faults in your suspension can also lead to flat steering response. However, other factors can also cause the same. Hence, you need to over to our car garage for a proper diagnosis.

IV. One side sits low

A worn spring can cause one side of your car to lie low. In such cases, the spring will require replacement for which you can come to our suspension service garage in Bristol.

V. Unusual tyre wear

Various factors can cause abnormal or unusual tyre wear, damaged suspension being one of them.

Sam’s Tyres employs experienced professionals that can diagnose your vehicle’s problems precisely. If needed, we will provide you with the suspension repair in Bristol to make your car ride congenial again!

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