Summer Tyres

summer tyres

The average temperature in Bristol stays around 20°C during summers, which is ideal for driving with summer tyres in and around the town. If you are looking for high-quality, affordable summer tyres in Bristol, visit us for your next set.

AtSam’s Tyres, we ensure our customers receive the best products with every purchase. We have a range of products from different manufacturers including Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone, Goodyear, etc. and we offer attractive prices on all our products.

Why summer tyres?

Summer in the UK is warm and occasionally drizzly, which causes the tarmac to heat up significantly. Additionally, erratic rainfall makes road conditions a little tricky. The heat that generates out of the friction between a tyre tread and asphalt can damage regular tyres.

Our experts suggest using summer tyres wheneverthe temperature rises above 7°C.

Distinguishing characteristics of summer tyres

  • Summer tyres have tread compounds that are harder due to a lesser proportion of silica, common in winter and even in all-season tyres.
  • Less accentuated tread depth, but enough to dissipate water effectively.
  • Summer tyres have lesser number of slats in comparison to winter tyres. As a result, summer tyres have a broader crown that makes contact with the road.
  • Shallower grooves with an asymmetrical and unidirectional design.

These characteristics help summer car tyres in Bristol to grip the road even in dry conditions and reduce the chances of hydroplaning significantly. Their unique tread compounds also contain sticky additives which help them generate traction even on wet roads. Their tread composition also provides substantial stiffness to maintain shape even in higher temperatures.

It’s advisable you fit summer tyresrather than all-season tyres from June to July. A sun sign or S mark on a tyre’s sidewalls indicates it’s a summer tyre.

Visit Sam’s Tyres in Bristol when you decide to do so.At our auto garage, you can choose from a variety of summer tyres from top manufacturers.


P ZERO (New)

  • Ranked second best in its class by EVO ratings.
  • Custom outer tread which enables quieter ride along with low rolling resistance.

Cinturato P7 BLUE

  • Four wide longitudinal grooves which ensure outstanding control in wet roads.
  • Optimised carcass rigidity that reduces rolling resistance.



  • Excellent steering response, owing to the presence of Nylon and Aramid hybrid belt.
  • A mix of hydrophobic silica and special functional elastomers enables excellent wet grip and braking performance.


  • Features high water clearance level even when tread depth is eroded, courtesy to safety-oriented tread design.
  • Lasts 11,000 miles longer than tyres of other manufacturers in the same price range.

Other brands like Dunlop and Goodyear are a great consideration as well when buying summer tyres in Bristol. So, visit Sam’s Tyres to get the best new tyres along with a tyre fitting service at affordable prices today.