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puncture repair

Tyre punctures are probably one of the biggest headaches you can face as a car owner. If you are using run-flats, you are saved. However, in cases of standard tyres, you are having bad luck.Bringing your car over to a professional garage is the best option you have.

Sam’s Tyres is the best expert auto garage for such services which require years of experience as well as expertise. Take our puncture repair in Bristol, and we will ensure to return the integrity of your tyre.

Puncture repair regulations

The UK government has the BSAU159 regulations in places when it comes to tyre puncture repairs. The statute mandates the repairable and non-repairable areas of a tyre.

These two areas include:

1. Area “T” or minor repair area

The Area “T” minor repair area includes the central 3/4th area of a tyre. We can repair any damages within this area.

2. Area “W” or Major repair area

The area outside the minor repair area is known as the Area “W” major repair area. Being too close to the sidewalls, car garages deem this area as risky for any repairs.

A tyre repair in Bristol is plausible only with standard tyres. Run-flat tyres cannot be repaired as there is no way to tell if the sidewalls are damaged or not. However, these tyres can help you to cover at least 50 km at speeds of up to 50 mph.

We make your tyres effectively puncture-safe

I. Inflating your tyres

Driving without adequately inflated tyres is one of the primary causes of punctures. Hence, you need to keep a check on your air pressure regularly.

You can do the same at home using an air gauge. If not correct, bring your vehicle to Sam’s Tyres in Bristol

II. Aligning the wheels

Misaligned wheels cause premature and unusual wear to your tyres which further leads to punctures. So, you must align your wheels,and we are here specifically for that.

III. Balancing the wheels

Imbalanced wheels are a common occurrence; but, driving with them can also lead to rapid wear. We can perform static and dynamic wheel balancing for stopping your tyres from bouncing and wobbling.

IV. Rotating the tyres

Your front tyres take the maximum pressure and hence get worn rapidly than the rear ones. Interchanging them evens the wear.

Bring your car to Sam’s Tyres for a puncture repair in Bristol. With the right set of tools and experienced mechanics following the right standards, we will ensure your tyre is working in no time.

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