Part Worn Tyres


Sam’s Tyres is one of the largest suppliers of part worn tyres Bristol. We have an extensive range of such tyres that meet all the legal guidelines and thorough quality checks.

Part worn tyres

The legal tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm. Driving on a tyre with treads lower than that can lead to a fine of £2,500. Moreover, you will also get 3 penalty points. If all your vehicle’s tyres are below the legal tread mark, you risk a fine of £10,000. Further, you will also fail your MOT test.

Driving with worn tyres is a serious safety concern. The Department for Transport reported that during 2016-2017, 446 accidents were caused by damaged tyres.

Numerous tyres come with a tread wear indicator that can alert you of low tread depth. If not, then you can use a 20p coin to check. Simply insert the coin into the tread depth and visually inspect its outer rim. If the outer rim is visible, then it’s time you change your tyres.

Buying new tyres can be expensive. Instead, you can visit Sam’s Tyres for part worn tyres. Buy part worn tyres at the best possible prices and get nearly just as much performance from them as a new tyre with the same tread conditions.

Legal norms to part worn tyres

The UK Government has found that more than 98% part worn tyres do not meet the legal standards. At Sam’s Tyres, we ensure that is not the case. All of our tyres meet the required norms set by the regulatory authorities.

The regulation makes the sale of these tyres legal only if they fulfil the following:

  • Must not have a cut more than 10% of the width or longer than 25mm.
  • Must not have an exposed cord or ply.
  • Should not come with a tear, bulge, or lump externally or internally.
  • Should not have a damage that has not been repaired.

Part-worn tyres must also come with the following markings:

  • ECE or BS approval mark.
  • “PART-WORN” or “RETREAD” lettering in uppercase and at least 4mm high.
  • A load capacity and speed category index.

Our part worn tyres

Part-worn tyres have a lower tread depth than new ones. New tyres come with a minimum tread depth of 7mm. On the other hand, part-worn ones have a minimum tread depth of 3mm.

Part-worn tyres are of two types:

  1. Grade A – With a minimum tread depth of 5mm or above.
  2. Grade B – With tread depth ranging from 3 to 4.5 mm.

The part-worn tyres that we sell at Sam’s Tyres inBristolare all Grade A, and quality checked.

Part worn tyres from Sam’s Tyres

You can buy part worn tyres Bristol from Sam’s Tyres for as low as £14. When you buy these tyres from us, you get only our full trust and safety assurance.

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