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Are you worried about the excessive noise that is coming from your car’s exhaust? Have you noticed a significant drop in your car’s performance recently? Or maybe it is emitting visible smoke whenever you drive? Well, if you are facing all these issues, you should bring your car to Sam’s Tyres immediately for a thorough exhaust repair in Bristol.

Your car’s exhaust system is responsible for evacuating the smoke and unburned fuel left inside the engine’s combustion chambers. It also purifies the noxious gasses and turns it into less harmful Carbon Monoxide and water vapour.

Keeping the exhaust system in good condition is of utmost importance as it increases your cars’ fuel efficiency, engine output, and the overall emission quality. That’s why we suggest bringing your car to Sam’s Tyres in Bristol at least once every 6 months for an overall inspection and repair of its exhaust system if required.

Identifying a malfunctioning exhaust

Multiple issues can arise from your car’s exhaust. Fortunately, these often show clear indications that you can understand right away.

  • Noise –Excessive noise while driving your vehicle might indicate a leaking or broken exhaust. The muffler in the system is responsible for reducing the engine noise. If there is a leak or break in the muffler body or piping, it will emit the sound without suppressing it.

You should bring it to our garage for a thorough inspection and repair if you face this issue. Violating the noise levels can get you in trouble with the authority.

  • Smoke –Visible smoke of any colour is a sign of a problem in your car’s exhaust system. It may be the catalytic converter at fault, which is responsible for purifying the harmful substances created after combustion.

The UK government maintains a strict emission quality standard for all the vehicles running on British roads. Anything of inferior quality and your car will not pass an MOT test and will be illegal to drive.

  • Poor engine output –If the exhaust is not clearing the burnt gases from the engine compartment, it will choke the engine and significantly affect your car’s overall performance. So, whenever you notice a drop in its engine output, bring it to our exhaust repair garage in Bristol. We will repair and change whatever is necessary to make your car running as smoothly as possible.

Visit our garage for an all-inclusive service and repair work at the most affordable prices imaginable. We have a team of expert technicians who are proficient at their job and are familiar with every component of your vehicle.

Bring your car to Sam’s Tyres today for an exhaust service in Bristol.

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