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Modern cars are complex machines; there are hundreds of components that work in tandem with each other to produce the desired output. Regular maintenance is an essential part of the car care as it ensures a steady yield and minimum repair costs for as long as you use your vehicle. Maintenance starts with diagnostics.

Thanks to the integration of modern technology the entire process of inspection and checking your vehicle for a malfunction has become a lot easier. Gone are the days when we would have to check every part under the bonnet manually. Now, when you bring your car to Sam’s Tyres for a diagnostics in Bristol, we can quickly read its condition with the help of its ECU and a reader. The entire process is quick, extremely accurate, and offered at an astonishingly affordable price.

Common complex car issues

There is an assortment of different components that can malfunction at any given moment. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of a problem.

  • ABS
  • Radiator
  • Fuel system and pump
  • Fluid reservoir, gauge and pump
  • Battery

Along with that, your cars’ engine’s power cycle can also go out of tune after a prolonged period of use. We will also measure that and retune it whenever you bring your car to our garage for a diagnostics.

Here’s how we do it

Today, almost every vehicle comes with an ECU or Engine Control Unit. It is a computer that measures and regulates most of the critical components of your car, as well as look for any issue in real time. Whenever there is a malfunction, the ECU records the incident and sends a warning to the driver as a caution.

Bring your car to us whenever you see warnings like ‘Check Engine’, ‘Check ABS’ or other check indicator lights flashing on the dashboard. Our experts will connect the ECU with a computer and check what exactly caused the flag, and provide the necessary repairs.

Detecting the issue takes a few minutes. According to the severity of the malfunction, it might take a few minutes to a few hours to prepare your car for the road. We believe in efficiencyas well as transparency with our services and diagnostics is one of the most sought-after service packages in Sam’s Tyres at Bristol.

What are you waiting for?

Bring your car to our garage for a thorough engine diagnostics in Bristol, and enjoy the best possible diagnosis of underlying issues with your car. Our team of expert technicians will ensure all the components are in proper working order for maximum performance from your vehicle.

All our repair packages are available at affordable price points,so you won't be burning a hole in your pocket for the necessary maintenance either.

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