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The clutch – an imperative part of every fuel driven vehicle which bears the sole responsibility of transferring power from the engine to the drive train. Be it initiating a gear shift or tackling a sudden halt; clutches play a crucial role in preventing unprecedented ignition failure.

However, the efficient functioning of clutches depends on their plates which undergo progressive wear and tear over time.  Invariably, corroded or damaged clutch plates may incur reduced pedal responsiveness leading to on-road driving hassles. This is why; we at Sam’s Tyres bring forth our clutch replacement garage in Bristol through the hands of our able in-house experts.

When do clutches require attention?

Every clutch setup comprises a clutch plate/disc that gets activated every time the pedal is pressed. This action detaches the clutch from the drive train-flywheel, allowing you to shift gears. Shifting gears is a repetitive movement, causing overheating in the clutch disc ultimately rendering it useless of transferring torque to the wheels.

However, before wearing out, every clutch shows certain symptoms which according to our veteran technicians are as follows:

a) Reversing becomes difficult

Most vehicles with a worn-out clutch will exhibit difficulties while shifting into reverse gear or across the 3rdgear. A primary reason behind this occurrence is a linkage malfunction between the disc and the flywheel; thereby, asking for an immediate clutch repair in Bristol at Sam’s Tyres.

b) Slips and snaps:

If your car tends to rev without pressing on the gas, then your gearbox is encountering a clutch-disc slippage. As the disc wears out over time, it fails from making effective contact with the flywheel. As a result, excess power from the engine is not transferred completely to the wheels causing frequent engine revs.

Note: Unnecessary revs not only hamper your vehicle’s fuel economy but also cause overheating of engine components.

c) Grinding sounds:

Often owing to faulty bearings, the clutch may have a difficult time in transferring power. Under such circumstances, repairing the clutch plate shall eradicate the problem. Replacement may not be necessary.

Why choose our clutch replacement garage?

Sam’s Tyres in Bristol is your one-stop solution when it comes to offering hassle-free clutch care services. Owing to a central location, our garage is conveniently accessible from all parts of the county. Additionally, our clutch-care packages are feasible for all, and we ensure timely delivery of your vehicle every time.

All you need to do is pay a visit to our auto garage or book an appointment with us online!

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