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Driving in and around a city can put immense strain on your car’s brakes. The stop-and-go traffic increases brake pad wear along with chances of a leak in the reservoir or brake lines. It can even distort the brake rotors under extreme conditions. That’s why experts at Sam’s Tyres at Bristol suggest at least one inspection of the braking system every year.

Brakes decrease your car’s momentum with the rotors clamping onto the wheels to generate friction and from thereon, deceleration. However, in that process, parts like the brake pads wear out gradually. While there is no way of stopping it, you should get a brake pad replacement in Bristol every 25,000 to 70,000 miles. Otherwise, you will face various issues including reduced stopping power and damage to the components.

How to detect a malfunctioning braking system?

Any issue with your car brakes will give you specifictell-tale indications. Whenever you notice these issues, bring your car to our garage immediately. Driving with faulty brakes is extremely dangerous, and it is illegal in the UK if your vehicle does not stop within a pre-specified distance. It will also fail in an MOT and render your car unsuitable for road-use.

Let’s take a look at some signs that will tell you that it is time to bring your car to Sam’s Tyres for inspection and repair.

  1. No feedback from the brake pedals –Ideally, your car’s brake pedals will give you a positive pressure whenever you apply the brakes. If that is missing, or deteriorating noticeably, there might be a leak in the brake fluid reservoir or tear on the cables.

Bring your car in for a repair before you eventually lose complete braking power.

  1. Metallic noise coming from the wheelbase –A grinding or squealing noise generally indicates completely worn-out brake pads. The sound comes from your callipers making unnecessary contact with the rotors, causing metal-to-metal friction. This can damage the unit to an extent where you might have to overhaul the system altogether. Thankfully, a simple brake pad replacement in Bristol will solve the issue if you have one.

  2. ABS warning light –Probably the most concerning indication is the ‘ABS Warning’ light on the dash. It shows the ABS has stopped working for some reason, which is a dangerous condition. It is advisable to abstain from driving the vehicle routinely in such cases. Bring your car to Sam’s Tyres for a brake repair in Bristol, and we will fix it in no time.

Why us?

We are one of the largest and most popular car servicing garages in town, and our team of expert technicians will ensure a complete overhaul irrespective of the issue. We believe in quality over quantity, and our long list of clients is a testimony for that.

Bring your car to us to see the best quality service in Bristol, at the most affordable prices.

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