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Minor faults in your vehicle will at least enable you to drive to the nearest garage and have them repaired. However, a defect in your battery will not even let you start your car.

Usually, a dead or dying battery is a rare occurrence,and you can quickly know if it’s happening.Head over to Sam’s Tyres to let our professionals take a look at your battery.

In case it is dead, we will provide you with the right car battery Bristol to get your car up and running again. If it just needs a charge, we can arrange for that too.

Few symptoms of a dying battery

  1. Slow engine crank. A slow engine crank is one of the primary signs of a dying battery.
  2. Dim headlights. If you notice your lights are dim, then it’s about time to come to us.
  3. Vehicle not starting after its left overnight. If your car is failing to start after its left overnight, then your battery is to blame.
  4. Vehicle starts only after you press the throttle. If your engine comes to life only after you push the throttle, then your battery needs checking. Other electrical components may normally work in this case.
  5. The battery is bloated. If the battery is swelling or bloated, then you need to replace it as soon as possible.
  6. Check if the battery indicator light is on. If the check battery indicator is on, it is obvious something’s wrong with it. You need professional assistance.

Our battery care services

I. Checking the battery

First, we inspect your battery. If it’s low on charge, we will recharge it and make it good as new.

You can check the charge at your home. Buy a battery test online and use it to check the same. Just plug the clips,and the tool will tell you about its health. Bring the car battery to our garage for recharging.

II. Cleaning the cables

Many a time, dirty cables can lower the battery life. We will clean them properly to ensure the battery does not become affected.

III. Securing the battery

A wobbling or jerking battery can lose its efficacy rapidly. Hence, we ensure that it is secured in the battery tray.

Generally, your car battery will need to be replaced every 5,000 or 6,000 miles. In such cases, you can come to Sam’s Tyres in Bristol. We will provide you with a brand new car battery Bristol that improves your vehicle’s performance.

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